Cells of jubliance lack sense of distribution

Trying to fit cavities in foundation

Taking plunge in opportunities hydration

Trying to derive life’s equation

Break destinies composition

Darling,don’t feel sorry for my condition

“cause according to Bureau Of Reclamation

There ain’t no final destination

Computation of struggle’s fraction

To arrive at peace’s equation


Night skies bright light

Eclipse before sunlight

Success got no height

So sit tight

Let this brother hit luck on her G-spot

Oh shite!!

Madhatter is the protagonist of this wonderland

Eternal rage in sync with volcanic eruption

Taking a stand is the only solution

Grindin’ gives me erection


Invincible was me

Still her memories haunt me

Horizontal ellipse surround me

When silence becomes comfortable

I re-read Aesop’s fable

Undefinable is the category

Rise and shine,seek glory


Asphyxiation put me on ventilator

Broken dreams of her meditator

Expressions of this annihilator

Maniac in the disguise of protector

Still tryin’ to find the seeker?

Let this dirt settle out of water

Lyrics ain’t hard for this

Primitive with large emotional center


Reflections from lake of sorrow

Promises of better tomorrow

Mends making friends with borrow

Smiles covered by blanket of hollow


Verse is subliminal

Fate is vocational

My arguments are rational

Jignostic fools are delusional

This ain’t some Christmas jingle

I’m Mr. Leatherface who wants to mingle


Hyperreflexes due to hypothermia

Sudden drawdown çause of anaemia

Leech of life injecting into strength’s catia

Sick & tired of this pseudo-liberal media




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