Stabilisation process to zenith

Breaker line in the deepest

Transfer empty checks for a momentary difference

Fluctuations along shore surface

Protection parallel to disturbance

Oscillatory Difference

Follow pattern of random engineering

Basic yet effective modelling

Stratified analysis of wave rider

Under lens of inspect


Laid the off take layout

Going back to ways of steep slope

Location of parasites

In streams,heads now exposed

Bombing dungeons of those involved

Series of pitching developed


Neighbour injected animosity,ready with battle formation

Alone in the self made hostile situation

Friend or foe,can’t do classification

Once peace rested in this heavenly region

Now rests,synthetic activists power generation

A secondary project with even lower transmission

View profile of dispersion

Deep water wave transmission


Feet is anchored

Rage to calm,essence of transport

Fate’s self appointed architect

Tranquility towed away while we slept

Condensed ash on outfall of transport

Photograph of freedom is scaled down version

Of Controlled


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