Harmony of cascade

Spotlight on liquidator’s accolade

Inflation writing joe,Death checks

Calm situations are just a charade

Part time tricks

Barking the low malarkey

Hiding agenda behind screen of anarchy


Offence is my only defence

Talking about my absence

While you where drinking poisoned absorbance

Joined the judas alliance

Living in the hoax ambience

On board,you moved every piece

Without enquiring about my circumference

Emergence of the silent disturbance

Attracted by luminescence

Touch poison ivy’s efflorescence


Taping holographic crime scene

Red currency portrayed as green

Walking straight into your smoke screen

Just to foil the plot

Step into shoes of disqualified lawmaker

Court room drama of fakers

Faith breaker

Hired the motion picture as shooter

Who are cut out of the same cloth

Expert advice by the illiterate rats

Sloth competing with artistic cat

Who is left behind to rot


Going past the 1.5 query

Sailing through rough patch on determined ferry

Left hook of stagecrafted fiery

Greetings from slander proxy

Fear the ‘on-paper’ orthodoxy






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