Moonlight kissed splintered canvas

Hiding in shadows of anoxemias

Trapped in ocean’s matrix

Single droplet out of focus

Watering the torn directrix

Fraternity making moves

Not to hurt malefactors conscious


Back in high school was ridiculed

For wearing fake jordan

Fuck being modern

Grounded to my roots

Discarded poisoned fruit

Introvert is madhatter wearing

Cloak of hermit

Choking the proclaimed voices,screaming

Exorcist of inner demons

Chained to illusions

Impending doom brightens

Scar of guilt flashes like bulletin

Coding the lethal injection


Imprisoned denizen

Inside their own intellect’s domain


Ending quests of ignorant

70+ yet pleasing the abundant

Sick and tired of second class treatment

Everyday dying at battlefront

Cloth of personal goals choke acknowledgement

To hog limelight & discard our accomplishments

Achievement always follows spear of belittlement

To burst the bubble of clairvoyant


Inside the tarnished pupil

Fire resides besides hail

To strike the final gong

Rain will ensue

Paragon of virtue


One day we’ll subdue the apogee



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