Intimacy measured with supplies yardstick

Tender sun shines on the oppulent

Red stains encrusted by white

Escutcheon covers the fraudulent

With mesial in muck


Abstract of the unconscious gunner

Metaphysical void within the broadcaster

Controlled movements of marionette

Vinyl visions of the ancient

Compos mentis at centre of spiral

Told us,it too was mortal


Confidentialities role is just a travesty

To coat the industry

Run by strategic artifice

Parched certitude

Pompous revelry by affluent condition

Exorbitant fare smiles at inanition


Consumed with desire for paranoia

And they say ‘violence’ abjure

Trying to justify the honour in killing

Trained in loathe’s academia

Designed in malice

Glorifying the greenhorn dynast

Each expedite met backspace


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