Cells of jubliance lack sense of distribution Trying to fit cavities in foundation Taking plunge in opportunities hydration Trying to derive life’s equation Break destinies composition Darling,don’t feel sorry for my condition “cause according to Bureau Of Reclamation There ain’t no final destination Computation of struggle’s fraction To arrive at peace’s equation   Night skies […]

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Origamis of live samples

Deliver poison in live miniature models

Approach by passion cut short

By responsibilities tentacles

Standing in desires court

Accept sentence given by ‘learned’ animals

Phonies trying to certify the real

Robbing the slugger

Potraits of present in hands of mover

Next episode written off by shaker

Buzzing signal of anodal

Conveyed by snitch’s manager

Bringing the ball in acceptables court

Grab oppurtunities wings and ascend

Time has come to amend

Know all games going behindhand

Now I’m the sheriff of this badland

Time to impose what I command


Now living in reality,out of alice’s wonderland

Raw moves of self trained asssassin

Coefficient of storm defined by porcelain

Since childhood,was fed toxin

Red mud glistening in presence of tearstain

Highschool years overshadowed by disdain

Sleepless nights spent overthinkin

Dialouge between past and future

More of a bargain

Yang to the yin

Went from vain to pain straight into gain

Universe now my domain

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Let me tell you the folklore of the hardcore

Who crystallised 7th neuron into majestic bilinear

Stood transfixed at the centre of death’s voyeur

Admitted to institution of fool’s theatre


Silver strings created relations

To change the pre-determined destination

Tried & deflected diversion

Dived in reservoir of random alteration

Came face to face with 2 headed premonition

Shadow of leech haunted each generation


Reserved membership of development

Dissolved in solution of sentiment

Low yield is the salary of samaritan

time to mutilate & stitch the physician

To grab hold of poisonous Gorgonian


Impulse fired from empty holster

Self destruction disguised as driver

Rider of immolation on trail of anger

Unequal algorithm of unlicensed publisher


Runner of words,shook

Straight outta mouth of crook

Left blank in dictionary life

Cut open with knife

And see we all bleed the same

Hate and you’ll die without knowing

The size of your bedframe

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Pluck the threads of animosities straitjacket Distorted sound from peace’s 5th fret Crown of equality rests on Jackal’s clean slate Screams of beast devoid of lust Yet remains menancing & whimsical Serpent answered to sobriquet ‘White Pariah’   Point fingers and still play game of linguistic Crawling,our behaviour is animalistic Perpetrate propaganda of sickularistic Cleanse […]

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